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V6 conversion, after some parts and advice

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V6 conversion, after some parts and advice

Post by mr sinbin on 21/4/2010, 7:40 am

hey guys,

well finally after driving the old wb round for 6months with major leaks and rattles and a slipping gearbox, ive finally bit the bullet and am doin my v6 conversions, the last straw was my lovely tailshaft packing it in at 100km/hr down the highway hahaha! anyways bought a vs commodore 3weeks ago and am keen to get started. Very Happy Very Happy

but..... haha

still need a few parts.... as the wb has a bench seat and collum shift i need a centre console and a normal steering collum... oh and possibly a statesman steering box so i can hook up the power steering aswell lol. just wondering if anyone has any of these things sittin in their sheds or somethin unused and unwanted willing to sell cheap?? Very Happy.

also, just thinkin of ideas outloud, was wondering if anyone knew if its possible just to put a commodore ute collum shift steering collum in a panelvan? was just wondering if this may be an easier/cheaper option?

as use can prob tell im pretty pumped haha!! ive watched my old man with his cars, but im finally doing my own Very Happy Very Happy haha

mr sinbin

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Re: V6 conversion, after some parts and advice

Post by Mans Ruin on 22/4/2010, 3:44 am

gday mate. ive just put a 5litre and 4speed auto into my van so alot of what i had to do will be the same for you.

youll need a new wiring harness adaptor($400 from v6 conversions), and if using the commodore auto a custom crossmember($150 frm v6 conv). you need to have a return line from engine to fuel tank, cat converter, charcoal canister and the little restrictor flap inside the fuel filler, as per commodore. also with the auto shifter the selector is on the passenger side of the gearbox so column shift is out, and a factory tbar wont work as there aint enough room in the trans tunnel, so best bet is a b&m shifter, got mine brand spankin of ebay for $350.
also youll need an external fuel pump, $250 from v6 conv.
hope this helps abit!!

Go to, they had almost everything, if they cant get it try Castlemaine Rod Shop.
Cheers Rick
Mans Ruin

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