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VCV Online membership

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VCV Online membership

Post by AGR071 on 15/3/2011, 10:02 pm

From memory, isn't the VCV membership due on/before Van Nats?
If so is it possible to put up an application form here and an email address to send it off to?
Also if i could get the BSB & ACC numbers ,so i can direct deposit it please.
I would like to be able to vote for where i want the nats to be in 2012.

Secondly, is it possible to find out on here where exactly they will be before the nats, or do we have to wait till the meeting?


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Re: VCV Online membership

Post by mazdragon on 16/3/2011, 4:07 am

Hello Dearest,
Yes, the membership is due at easter. $20 for electronic which gives you the magazine electronically, $50 for hardcopy of magazine.
EFT to Van Council of Victoria, CBA BSB - 063 250 Account No. - 00901315 with yr name and stating that it's for membership and maybe with your membership no.
just email yr details to
can't post a membership form on this forum as i'm doing this at work and they have "content blocked". So I'll email you one separately.

In regards to voting, it's a bit difficult as we know of one definite proposal (at least we think it's definite) and 2 other possibilities which I have no idea where. Just heard rumours. Ya really need to be at the meeting.... only suggestion I can make is that you pm me your mobile no. and when I find out I can let you know.
M xx PS: hello to everyone and hope you are all well. Gonna miss u guys..

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Re: VCV Online membership

Post by transit350 on 16/3/2011, 6:17 am

Hi Everyone,

Marion if you are talking about the proposal from the west as possible YES we are putting a proposal forward at the NATS for the 2012 NATS over in WA.


Paul Bullard
Panther Van Club

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Re: VCV Online membership

Post by vanner065 on 16/3/2011, 10:34 am

What you need to know Agro is that there will be a Van Nats each Easter, so it doesn;t matter where it is, just plan your savings for the following year, if you don't go then you will have more for the following year. Never fear, there will be a van nats each year.

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Re: VCV Online membership

Post by Sponsored content

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